Operational Efficiency

ABS will work with your organisation to help you to improve efficiency within your business. In order to improve efficiency it is important to be able to measure it and we will work with you to establish the current operating position.

Efficiency is a ratio between outputs and inputs and is a measure of whether the right amount of resources have been used to deliver a process, service or activity. An efficient process achieves its objectives with the minimum amount of time, money, people or other resources.

ABS will then help your organisation identify and look for opportunities and initiatives to help reduce and minimise the inputs required to deliver the outputs. We will then produce an improvement plan with associated risk registers, actions and agreed milestones for joint review, approval and delivery.

Once agreed ABS will look to develop and map the savings against the existing financial forecasts to calculate the full year and future year’s savings.

It remains important to ensure that the objectives of such a process, service or activity have been achieved to demonstrate its effectiveness. An effective process or activity is one that achieves its agreed objectives. ABS will work closely with you ensuring that any savings and initiatives which are developed and introduced continue to deliver a robust and effective service.